Make data meaningful

because data is at the core of any decision.

decisions not driven by data are intuitions

Voytin provide services to collect and process data to transform them into actionable insights. And because data without full understanding is useless, we provide tools and portals to access collected data to present them in the most understandable manner to a specific audience. Of course all the data collected is also available using an API.  

Every service under one roof

Data collection and processing

Voytin collects data from various sources, align and process them to suit any need. We are also expert in data analysis/big data leveraging the most performing tools like IBM Watson. 

Web Development

Thanks to our network of partners in both Asia and Europe, Voytin can develop dedicated user interfaces to suit the needs of its customers and make data analysis easy to understand for anyone.


Understanding data is not always easy. Voytin provides access to experts to help you taylor your project and benefit the most from collected data.

Wanna see an example?

MovieTrends database

MovieTrends database identify the appetite of Internet users for movies and TV series. We collect conversational data on social networks, social sharing websites and P2P networks to identify what content interests the most users at any point of time in all countries in the world. Data is available using our API or via an easy to use portal.

waach, the ultimate service for content creators and publishers

waach provides to creators tools to publish their videos online and aggregate their performance from all platforms. Based on its managed catalogue of content but also on its competitive analysis of video platforms, waach allows publishers to easily integrate the most relevant videos in their articles.

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